Let Me Share A Story

What is Strategic Storytelling?

Strategic Storytelling is designed and crafted to:
1. Explain yourself visually and with the right emotions.
2. Explain abstract or complicated ideas.
3. Establish a working relationship and leads.
4. Increase active engagement towards your point of view.
5. Motivate your listener towards a specific course of action

Strategic Storytelling is a form of persuasive speaking. However, instead of pressing hard for facts, proofs, and data the arguments are arranged so that the listener is taken on a short story-formatted journey towards understanding and engagement.

Why Story formats?

Stories are likely to be less resisted.


Today’s neuroscience’s research confirms that the human brain is hot-wired for learning through stories. For example, experiments in math word problems have shown that when a story is incorporated as part of the problem, 70% of the students will solve the problem as oppose to 20% when a story is not included.

Stories reveal what makes your message unique.


A strategic story is designed and crafted to tell why your product or service is either unique or better than your competition.  This uniqueness may come from past experiences of your customers, your experiences, or proven research.

Stories shape raw data into meaning


Raw data must be researched for patterns, filtered, and then boxed into a graph that might explain its history, or to predict a future event. Graphs and numbers can still be cold and abstract, whereas, if the data is put into a story format the client can quickly understand and feel confident in using the data to come to better understanding your conclusion.

Stories are the emotional clue that makes the connection.


Every great story has a protagonist, a hero, an antagonist, an enemy, obstacles that must be conquered, and a goal or reward. At the heart of every human is this hardwired program for survival and desire for victory.
It has been shown that people, consciously and unconsciously, view movies to feel something: To laugh, to feel sad, to experience an emotion. Our growth, as humans depend on stories to build us intellectually, psychologically, and spiritually. Stories empower us.

Stories can build trust.


Neuroscientists have studied what happens in the brain when a person is told a story that has an element of emotion attached to it. Scientist have discovered a neurotransmitter called, “Dopamine,” is released into the blood stream. Dopamine helps regulate an emotional response causing the person to focus and be motivated in what you are talking about. This brain chemical also causes the listener to be motivated towards an action that will bring pleasure or security.

Stories must be shared


Stories are not stagnant. They must be retold and passed on to inspire future listeners. Stories that are passed down evolve, change, or recreate their elements depending on the generation and culture. Reading what William Shakespeare wrote 500 years ago to see how his stories have evolved into today’s modern movies, television shows, and literature. Shakespeare’s plays have been translated into over 30 languages, while his poetry has been translated into over 80 languages. Emotions are the glue that binds us through the ages. It is what makes us human.


Back in 1977, the United States launched its first interstellar satellite, the Voyager 1. On board was a LP made of gold and instructions on how to play it. There were symbols and diagrams showing where the little spacecraft had been launched from. On the record were recorded the animal sounds of the planet and a brief one sentence greeting from every language on the planet. This was the beginning of the story, and it was hoped, that this would also become the first chapter in meeting another intelligent life-form. But it all began with an emotional cry into the darkness of space just to say, “Hello, is anyone listening?” Because we want to universe to know our story.
Whether you are a businessman, educator, genealogist, or parent; Here you will learn how to design and craft your story for leads, building trusting relationships, and education. Here you will learn how Strategic Storytelling can engage and motivate your listener(s) towards a specific action or understanding. I believe everyone on this planet has a story to tell, and my goal is help you tell that story. Welcome to my world.

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