About Rome

Who am I?  I’m an Educator, Director, Playwright–A Storyteller!  I have used storytelling strategically over the years to engage and motivate my students, colleagues, and friends.  I first developed my presence online back in 1995.  I first created a strategic story I called, “Space Islands,” and launched it on AOL.  It was the first educational online program ever launched.  The program I created reached out globally to 2.3 million people in forty nations.  Today, we would say it went viral.   In 1996, the U.S. Congress placed the program into the Library of Congress as a historical event–and it all started with a simple story.

After Space Islands, I consulted with JPL/NASA to help them develop their online presence and then worked with membership from the DisneyImagineers  to Toastmasters helping people learn how to tell their stories strategically.

I enjoy giving workshops and teaching people in the business world to help develop visibility that increases leads.  I also help business owners develop their story for their brand and image presence online.  In the field of education, I show teachers how stories can be used to engage students and motivate them in class.

In the end, it’s all about how to tell your story, how to engage and motivate your listener to a specific action or resolve.  As for me–I enjoy developing and crafting stories, and I want to teach others how to do the same.

How would your business look like if your online presents counted leads instead of hits?  How would your business change if online discoverability was built from your story?

Is there anything I can contribute from my knowledge and years of experience to achieve that?  If so, I would enjoy talking to you over a cup of coffee.  Contact me.